DARE Fight Sports – The Million Dollar Tournament Episode 2: “Swamp vs. Lokomotiv”

DARE Fight Sports presented its tournament format in October last year and announced a hefty reward of a million dollars to the victor.

Proceedings commenced at an event titled “Rebels of MMA”, which took place in the promotion’s home base of Bangkok, Thailand.

Whiles glances were cast on the main event showcase between former Strikeforce vet Joe Ray and “Iron Fist” Ole Laursen, the co-main event tilt pitting Moise Rimbon (20-9-3) against Alexander Gladkov (4-1) was much anticipated by many too.

Rimbon entered the match-up on the heels of a five-fight winning streak. The Frenchman trained at Phuket Top Team prior to the fight. Gladkov, meanwhile, was relatively a newcomer in the Mixed Martial Arts scene, having made his pro MMA debut just months before.

The match-up, however, didn’t live up to expectations.

Gladkov was fatigued just moments into the first round, allowing Rimbon to take control of the contest thereon in. Much to the dismay of fans and critics alike, the Ukrainian spewed his mouthpiece out multiple times too.

Although Gladkov was clearly the larger fighter in this tilt, Rimbon stuck to his global MMA experience and picked Gladkov apart with his striking.

While Gladkov seemed content in just imposing his superior strength and size throughout, Rimbon’s trademark striking array of flamboyant kicks and strikes found their mark.

In the second frame, Gladkov was clearly tired and fatigued. His French counterpart decided to up the tempo a notch and that worked out perfectly, as a left uppercut to the mid section signaled good night irene for Gladkov.

DARE has always stuck with its one fight per episode and a production/release approach that is truly one of the most unique and progressive ways handed to the masses.

So with that, check out this exclusive fight video courtesy of DARE featuring Moise “Swamp” Rimbon vs. Alexander “Lokomotiv” Gladkov:

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*Picture credit: Paul Thompson


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