Video – Purahong Sit Jadaeng vs. Juliana Rosa from MAX Muay Thai: The Final Chapter

The women’s match-up between Purahong Sit Jadaeng and Juliana Rosa at MAX Muay Thai: The Final Chapter was close, but the former’s kicks and ring control eventually garnered her a decision victory.

The bout took place on December 10th last year, in Kohn Kaen, Thailand.

Rosa, a native of Brazil, brought a host of credentials with her as she stepped into the ring – notching numerous Muay Thai accolades in her country. Jadaeng, however, was the clear crowd favorite in this one.

The action wasn’t as fast paced as you’d expect, though. Rosa landed multiple punches throughout all three frames but they never really troubled her Thai counterpart. Jadaeng, meanwhile, topped her opponent with her kicking prowess, and in the second round, she managed to sneak in a couple of clean elbows too.

No takedowns were executed by both ladies and very little time was spent in the clinch as well. Rosa did try to counter her opponents kicks by catching them, and although a couple of swift punches followed suit, Jadaeng ate them pretty easily.

The judges rightfully scored the bout in favor of Jadaeng in the end.

Check out the full fight video below:


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