ROAD FC – Korea 001 Official Weigh-In Results: Fukuda, Seung set for 185-lbs headliner

South Korea – All scheduled fights for ROAD FC – Korea 001 are scheduled to take place, as planned, on Saturday, with all fighters raring to go after the official weigh-ins held at the Grand Hilton Convention Centre in Seoul, South Korea today.

Main event fighters Riki Fukuda and Kim Hee-Seung successfully hit their marks with the former weighing in at 185-lbs exactly, and the latter at 186.3-lbs.  Both fighters will make history on the night as the first headliners of this newly launched monthly initiative by ROAD FC.

The remaining fighters of the main card all made weight on their first try except Kwon A-Sol, who came in 4.4-lbs over the contracted weight. Kwon was given an additional two hours to lose the excess but was unable to. As a result, he was forced to forfeit 50% of his fight purse, and two points will be deducted each round on fight night, effectively meaning he has to finish opponent Mostafa Abdollahi to gain a victory.

All of the fighters on the Young Guns 10 undercard successfully made weight with only one fighter needing an additional allowance time.

As previously reported, ‘ROAD FC – Korea’ is a new monthly initiative launched by ROAD Fighting Championship, which will serve as a launching point for foreign fighters to get into ROAD FC. The inaugural installment of the series takes place on January 18 at the Grand Hilton Convention Centre in Seoul, South Korea. The event will stream LIVE for fight fans worldwide at

Check out the full weigh-in results below:


  • Riki Fukuda (84kg/185.1-lbs) vs. Kim Hee-Seung (84.45kg/186.3-lbs)


  • Kwon A-Sol (72.00kg/158.7-lbs on 1st attempt, 71.9kg/158.5-lbs on 2nd) vs. Mostafa Abdollahi (70.45kg/155.3-lbs) Penalty for Kwon: 50% fight money is deducted and given to opponent, plus 2 points deducted each round on fight night
  • Yoon-Jun Lee (65.7kg/144.8-lbs) vs. Won-Gi Kim (65.95kg/145.4-lbs)
  • Yong-Jae Lee (70.5kg/155.4-lbs) vs. Doo-Jae Jeong (70.5kg/155.4-lbs)
  • Uh-Jin Jeon (84.05kg/185.3-lbs) vs. Sang Il Ahn (83.35kg/183.8-lbs)


  • Min-Woo Kim (61.9kg/136.5-lbs) vs. Lee Dong-Jin (61.5kg/135.6-lbs)
  • Gwang-Soo Park (62kg/136.7-lbs) vs. Kyu-Hwa Kim (61.65kg/135.9-lbs)
  • Dae-Song Park (65.9kg/145.3-lbs) vs. Ho-Tak Oh (65.85kg/145.2-lbs)
  • Hyo-Ryong Kim (57.5kg/126.8-lbs) vs. In-Hang Jo (57.10kg/125.8-lbs)
  • Myung-Goo Yeo (70.9kg/156.3-lbs on 1st attempt, 70.5kg/155.4-lbs on 2nd) vs. Kyung-Gwan Ryu (70.4kg/155.2-lbs)
  • Munguntsooj Nandinerdene (77kg/169.8-lbs) vs. Lee Byeong-Hyeon (77kg/169.8-lbs)


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