Road to the Pro’s: Helen Harper #2 – My first K1 fight

We have a promotion here in England called Ultimate Impact, which has both K1 and MMA fights on its cards.

Sadly I couldn’t get an MMA opponent this past weekend, but I was lucky enough to stand in last minute for a K1 fight against a girl called Sammy Donnelly.

Somehow, and I still don’t know how, I managed to walk away with a split decision win. Considering my stand up is by far my weakest point, this was nothing short of a miracle for me but I definitely needed the confidence boost.

I think once you know what you’re capable of, it makes the next part of the journey so much easier. Before, I always relied heavily on my grappling within an MMA fight, but now I feel a bit more confident with my striking. I know I can use it in the future.

Pre-fight week was easily the worst I have had so far. I came down with flu, a stomach bug and a throat infection on Monday (only 5 days before the fight), and most people I spoke to told me if I went ahead and fought after that, I was crazy. Well, I guess it’s official then: I am crazy.

helen-harper-1Despite using every single ounce of energy I had on Monday to drag myself into the shower, I managed to make a quick enough recovery to be able to fight on Saturday. Don’t get me wrong, there was no way I was at my best, because only five minutes before going into the cage I was swigging cough medicine out the bottle to try and stop myself from having one of my coughing fits during the actual fight.

I honestly don’t think I have ever been so gassed in all my life – and it was only two minute rounds! Imagine if it had been MMA and five minute rounds! My throat was burning within thirty seconds and after coming out the cage I could barely breathe. I know my body, and although my cardio hasn’t been brilliant during this fight camp, I know how much worse it was because of the sickness.

Moral of the story? Don’t get sick the week before a fight!

It’s now post-fight week, and we all know what this means: junk food heaven. So far I have managed to consume pizza, chocolate, cookies, hot chocolate and ice cream which is all going to have to stop soon or I will find myself fighting a few weight categories above next time and I don’t fancy that!

Next week I will be back in Asia, back to Phuket Top Team and my awesome team mates which I am super excited about, but will be very sad to leave the great people I have met here.

*Photos credit: Seth Bates

*Helen Harper is a Mixed Martial Artist from Farnham, England. Her column on Fight Sport Asia, called ‘Road to the Pro’s’, focuses on her life as a fledgling MMA fighter.


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