ROAD FC – Korea 003 Weigh In Results: A Sol Kwon misses weight yet again

With a ‘Korea vs. Brazil’ theme in place, the third installment of ROAD Fighting Championship’s ‘ROAD FC – Korea’ series takes place this weekend, April 6, at the The-K Seoul Hotel in Seoul, South Korea. And as with previous events, the entire main card will be aired on USTREAM for a price of USD $9.99.

The official fighter weigh-ins for the event took place today, at the same venue that’ll host Sunday’s line-up. All, except two fighters, managed to hit the required limit for their respective fights.

A Sol Kwon, who fights in the main event, missed weight for the second time running, coming in 3.65-lbs/1.65kg over the mark. The resulting repercussions were severe. Officials stipulated that Kwon must maintain his weight below 78kg/171.96-lbs prior to the fight (the limit’s set at 8:00pm local time), and he will be deducted two points per round. In addition, the South Korean will also forfeit his fight money. His opponent, Giovanni Diniz, meanwhile, weighed in at 155-lbs even.

Kim Jae-Kyung also came in heavy although he passed the second time around. Lee Hyung-Seok, on the other hand, couldn’t hit the mark even after the extra time limit, and hence, was deducted 50% of his fight money.

Check out the full weigh-in results below:


  • Kwon A-Sol (73.95kg/163-lbs*) vs. Giovanni Diniz (70.3kg/154.9-lbs)
  • Moon Jae-Hoon (61.5kg/135.5-lbs) vs. Thiago Silva (61.9kg/136.5-lbs)
  • Kim Won-Gi (70.15kg/154.6-lbs) vs. Bruno Miranda (69.9kg/154.1-lbs)
  • Ham Seo-Hee (48.35kg/106.35-lbs) vs. Shino Vanhoose (46kg/101.4-lbs)
  • Ko Yong-Seok (61.55kg/135.7-lbs) vs. Ryohei Tsujikawa (61.75kg/136.1-lbs)
Young Guns 13/PRELIMS

  • Lee Hyung-Seok (66.2kg/145.9-lbs*) vs. Jo Byeong-Ok (65.45kg/144.29-lbs)
  • Park Dae Song (70.3kg/154.9-lbs) vs. Yoo Tae-Woo (70.4kg/155.2-lbs)
  • Kim Jong-Hyun (61.7kg/136.0-lbs) vs. Lee Sung-Su (62kg/136.6-lbs)
  • Son Gyu-Seok ( vs. Yoon Sum-Jun (77.9kg/171.7-lbs)
  • Kim Kyu-Hwa (57.3kg/126.3-lbs) vs. Kim Jae-Kyung (57.8kg/127.4-lbs*) – Passed on second attempt

* denotes missed weight


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