Full Results: ZST 40 & SWAT! In FACE vol.13

ZST, 4/12/14
“ZST 40”
Shinjuku FACE
Tokyo, Japan

Bantamweight Bout
Tetsuya Fusano def. Tatsuya Watanabe by Unanimous Decision

RINGS 60 kg
Kenichi Ito def. Seio Yamada by Submission (Reverse Triangle Choke) at 2:03 in Round 2

Flyweight Bout
Yusuke Uehara def. Kenichi Sawada by Majority Decision

RINGS 70 kg
Yujiro Yamamoto def. Hisato Izawa by Submission (Americana) at 1:19 in Round 1

RINGS 66 kg
Atsushi Kato def. Koji Suzuki by TKO at 2:14 in Round 1

RINGS 61 kg 
Ken Uehara def. Taku Meijo by Unanimous Decision

Lightweight Bout
Atsushi Ueda fought Shinichi Taira to a Draw

Bantamweight Bout
Toshiaki Hayasaka def. Takao Ueda by Submission (Heel Hook) at 2:22 in Round 1

Flyweight Bout
Yoshinari Shinba fought Hiroaki Yoshioka to a Draw

ZST, 4/12/14
“SWAT! In FACE vol.13”
Shinjuku FACE
Tokyo, Japan

Featherweight Bout
Nobuyuki Kanaizuka fought Yohei Ota to a Draw

Bantamweight Bout
Ryutaro Watanabe def. Kei Tanigawa by KO at 3:04 in Round 1

77 kg
Kentaro Abe fought Rio Date to a Draw

Lightweight Bout
Daisuke Teramoto def. Kazumitsu Tanaka by Submission (North-South Choke) at 1:27 in Round 1

Featherweight Bout
Kazuki Date def. Tomoyuki Manabe by KO at 2:12 in Round 1

Featherweight Bout
Kazuki Iwamoto def. Shoichi Kudo by KO at 1:16 in Round 1

62 kg
Satoru Date def. Takayuki Saga by KO at :19 in Round 1

Flyweight Bout
Hiroshi Sasaki def. Masahiro Iimori by TKO (corner throws in the towel) at 3:50 in Round 2

Bantamweight Bout
Toru Washiyama fought Shintaro Kubo to a Draw

Bantamweight Bout: SWAT! High School Wars
Yoshinori Nukui def. Rei Date by Submission (Triangle Choke) at 2:55 in Round 1

Photo credit: Yoshinori Ihara
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