Genghis Con Films presents “Phuket Dreaming” from Phuket, Thailand (video preview)

Genghis Con Films is well respected as one of the best MMA series/documentary makers in the business today.


Known for his behind the scenes, in your face, unique and entertaining approach to documenting MMA fighters and the daily struggles, wars and fights they compete in.

Genghis Con has made his way to Phuket, Thailand and hooked up with Phuket Top Team to begin shooting what already has the makings of one incredibly epic series.

The series titles “Phuket Dreaming” will showcase the team of fighters, the incredible scenery and backdrop of Phuket and the gritty and real lives of the fighters featured.

A sizzler clip and a preview of episode 1 have recently been released…. leaving us well awaiting the full episode 1 of the series.




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