Flawless performance sees Rittewada Sittigun land Ch7 Super Lightweight gold

THAILAND — Week in week out, Channel 7 Stadium is renowned for delivering some of the best fights in the world of Muay Thai.

And this past Sunday was no exception as Thestar Chengsimiwgym took on Rittewada Sittigun for the Ch7 Super Lightweight (140-lb) gold.

Two fighters known for their aggressive styles and technical prowess met in the ring to see who would be crowned the vacant Champion. What ensued was a short-lived bout, that would end with a perfectly executed, perfectly timed elbow.

Much like it’s billing, both men went after it in the opening round with neither wanting to give an inch. After going kick-for-kick, Thestar looked to open up and throw some leather. However, it was Rittewada’s defense that would prevail. The defensive minded fighter kept his opponent at bay for the remaining minutes after finding his rhythm and distance. With the round coming to an end, Rittewada looked to be the more polished striker.

As the second round began, Rittewada picked up the tempo, pressing his opponent, causing Thestar to back peddle. Calm, composed, Rittewada continued to pepper away at Thestar landing pretty much at will. Thestar struggled to get going, and was being countered at every turn. Once again the aggressive Thai looked to close the distance, but this time Rittewada throws a thunderous elbow to the tempo causing his opponent to fold onto the canvas. Thestar with a glazed look in his eyes tried to get back to his feet, but the referee had seen enough and waved it off.

*With that win, Rittewada Sittigun becomes the Ch7 Super Lightweight Champion.

Official results of the card:

Rittewada Sittigun def. Thestar Chengsimiwgym by KO in Round 2
Jaoinzee Kiatjaroenchai def. Nongdome Jayuthkongseab on Points
Pompean Kiatchongkao def. Phetchorfa PKSaenchaimuaythaigym by TKO in Round 2
Coco Paemeenburi def. Chaisiri Sorjorsomkid by TKO in Round 3 _____________________________________________________________________________________________
Photo credit: Channel 7 Stadium
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