Brazilian Bantamweight Marcio Cesar Gracinha calls out all bantamweights in Asia!

Brazilian fighter 18-9 pro MMA record, Marcio Cesar Gracinha has contacted Fight Sport Asia via Facebook and asked if we would have a listen to what he had to say.

We took a look at his record and history and decided to let the man talk.

Prof. Marcio Cesar Gracinha is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under legendary Cristiano Marcello (also responsible for black belts of Wanderlei Silva, Rafael Cordeiro, Shogun Rua, Ninja Rua & more).


Marcio has 30 pro MMA fights with a 18-9-3 record and an impressive 11 pro MMA wins via submission. With fights in Shooto, Pancrase, BAMMA and many other promotions.

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We figured this was a fair effort so we decided to listen to what Marcio wanted to tell bantamweights in Asia.

“Man i come to Asia and join Phuket Top Team and find my passion again, i fight anyone in bantamweight.

When i come to Asia i think for sure i can get good fights. Now i think maybe many fighters are scared.

I think people try only to make pretty records in Asia. No-one want to prove they really are just the best fighter.

I am the best bantamweight in Asia, why not come and fight me to see if you can beat me for that.

One FC, PXC, URCC, TOP FC, Rebel… i will fight anywhere who want to see action and entertaining fight.

Anywhere who want to see the why i say i am the best bantamweight in Asia.”

It certainly seemed like Marcio was making an open call out to Bantamweights in Asia.

It will be interesting to see if the call out’s fall on deaf ears, or will Marcio be able to stand by his words, sometime in the near future.

Fight Sport Asia is always excited by fighters who have the ‘anyone – anywhere’ attitude.


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