Mirko Cro Cop Cuts Satoshi Ishii, Wins at IGF 2

In a bout seemingly made for 2003, mixed martial arts and kickboxing legend Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipović (29-11-2) tangled with 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist Satoshi Ishii (12-3-1).  Satoshi Ishii wasn’t afraid to engage on the feet, but was unsuccessful in landing any offense.  Satoshi rushed in and got Mirko down to the mat.  Satoshi Ishii was content to strike in Mirko’s guard while Cro Cop was able to control Ishii from the bottom.  Mirko was able to land an elbow from the bottom that opened a cut on the forehead of Satoshi Ishii, just above his hairline.  The referee had the doctor stop the bout on multiple occasions to check the cut, another notable parallel better left in 2003.  After what seemed like Cro Cop landing effective offense and egging the referee to stop the bout, the doctor called a stop to the bout due to the cut.  A visibly upset, Ishii walked out of the ring immediately and into the back room.  IGF promoters and staff paraded into the ring and celebrated Mirko Cro Cop winning the IGF Heavyweight Belt.

Here was the blow that did the damage:

Courtesy of Bout Review; Mirko Cro Cop (bottom) lands an elbow from the open guard on Ishii (top)


Courtesy of Bout Review; Antonio Inoki (white suit)



You can watch the ending sequence of the fight below and the full fight here.


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