Rebel FC 2: Battle Royale Full Event Video

Courtesy of Rebel FC


Rebel FC has released the full event video of Rebel FC 2 that took place on August 1st in Singapore.  Battle Royale was the start of the 8-man Featherweight Grand Prix featuring UFC veterans Miguel Torres and Will Chope.  Pat Promrangka didn’t make weight for his bout with Michael Tobin, giving the undefeated Tobin a pass into the semi-finals of the Grand Prix.


Rebel FC 2: Battle Royale

Will Chope vs. Mauricio dos Santos Jr
Reydon Romero vs Yojiro Uchimura
Takahiro Ashida vs Miguel Torres
Doo Hwan Kim vs Sam Kei
Gyo Pyung Hwang vs Kris Barras
Mohamad Ashrafe Bin Shafi vs Suman Mokhtarian
Silvio Romero Da Silva  vs Kenny Yeung
May Ooi vs Sharmah Deviah
Syafiq Samad vs Kenny Thompson

Watch the full event below:


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