Revolution 2 Results: Tough Night in Seoul

Courtesy of MonsterZym

Courtesy of MonsterZym; Lim Su-Jeong (left) throws a kick at Raika Emiko (right).


Revolution put on their second MMA event on Friday Night in Seoul, South Korea.  The event was filled with popular South Korean fighters, the return of Hong Man Choi and Hyun Man Myung.  Pop music idol Tae Heon Kim and kickboxer Su-Jeong Lim made their MMA debuts.  However, the return of Hong Man Choi never happened.  Apparently Hong Man Choi and Revolution couldn’t agree on the terms of pay for the bout.  The event started a hour and a half after the scheduled start of the event at 7pm local time.  As for the fights, Hyun Man Myung landed a groin strike and Yuta Nakamura was unable to continue, giving Nakamura the Disqualification win, adding to the troubled night.

To top onto troubles of the evening, Tae Heon Kim was submitted by Iron Horse Tanaka in his MMA debut.  Tanaka was able to land punches to Kim’s face and open up bleeding from his nose.  Tanaka was able to lock onto a guillotine choke just three minutes into the first round and Tae Heon Kim was forced to submit.  Muay Thai and Kickboxing veteran Su-Jeong Lim was able to take a unanimous decision win in her MMA debut against fellow MMA debutant and former WIBA three weight division champion,Raika Emiko.

Courtesy of MonsterZym

Courtesy of MonsterZym; Tae Heon Kim (left) loses MMA debut to Iron Horse Tanaka (right).



Revolution 2 Results

  • Yuta Nakamura def. Hyun Man Myung by DQ (Groin Strike) Round 1
  • Su-Jeong Lim def. Raika Emiko by Unanimous Decision
  • Iron Horse Tanaka def. Tae Heon Kim by Sub (Guillotine) Round 1




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