Top King World Series Belarus Live Play by Play and Results


The event is live and can be watched via iPPV through and for only $9.99 USD.  I will be following the action as the event unfolds.  Stay tuned via updates below:


Dmitry Varets (BELARUS) vs Rungravee Sasiprapa Gym (THAILAND)

Dmitry Varets lands a right high kick off of his lead leg to knockdown Rungravee Sasiprapa in the first round.  The Thailand Terminator was unable to answer the count and Varets was awarded the knockout finish at 1:46 into Round 1

Dmitry Varets def. Rungravee Sasiprapa by KO at 1:46 into Round 1


Khayal Dzhaniev (RUSSIA) vs Veselin Veselinov (BULGARIA)

Round 1 starts with Veselin Veselinov controlling the pace with his kicks before after an inadvertent low blow.  The Bulgarian fighter continues to look for the inside kick.  The fighters clinch and Khayal lands a hard left elbow that penetrates the guard of Veselinov, stunning the Bulgarian.  The Russian close the distance looking to throw his left straight.  Lands one to the right side of Veselin’s face.  Dzhaniev catches a kick and lands a strong left straight.

Round 2 starts.  Both men are aggressive to start, Veselinov pushing inside and working his volume punching.  The Bulgarian looking to land leg kicks as the Russian has started almost exclusively using his hands.  Khayal lands a hard kick that puts Veselinov on the canvas.  Khayal dumps the Bulgarian, who is visibly starting to wear down.

Round 3 starts with the fights fighting inside the clinch.  The Russian looks to be the faster fighter, landing a sharp left straight, right leg kick combination.  Khayal controlling distance and landing with his punches and kicks.  A jab, right cross, left leg kick combiantion lands for the Russian.  The Bulgarian taunting his opponent and Khayal quickly engages his defenseless opponent.  Veselinov covers up and the Russian lands an elbow inside.  The Russian with a jumping, spinning wheel kick attempt that lands on the Bulgarian fighter in the final seconds of the round.

Khayal Dzhaniev def. Veselin Veselinov by Unanimous Decision


Armen Petrosyan (ITALY) vs Dmytro Konstantynov (UKRAINE)

Both men are looking to strike right away.  Petrosyan establishes the center of the ring.  Petrosyan is keeping Dmytro against the ropes and landing combinations with his hands and kicks.  Dmytro can’t get much off in terms of offense.

Round 2 begins and Petrosyan comes out aggressive again.  He lands a right straight that snaps the Ukranian fighter’s head back.  Dmytro is trying to pick up his output, but Petrosyan moving well and clinching against the ropes.  The longer fighter Konstantynov is looking to land his kicks and get outside of the punching range of Petrosyan.  Armen staying aggressive, lands a counter right hand.

Round 3 begins with both men circling and Petrosyan lands a straight right hand.  The Ukranian looking to walk Armen down.  Dmytro grazes with a spinning back forearm.  The Ukranian fighter knows he is down in the fight.  Armen being put on the ropes.  Konstantynov throwing to the left side with his cross and high kick.  Armen with a strong leg kick to Dmytro’s left side.  A strong front kick by Armen to the face of Dmytro.  Konstantynov is getting aggressive as Armen lands another hard front kick to the Ukranian’s face.  The round ends.

Dmytro Konstantynov def. Armen Petrosyan by Decision


Buakaw Banchamek (THAILAND) vs Zhang Chunyu (CHINA)

Round 1 starts with both men looking to kick.  Both fighters are in tight defensively.  Buakaw lands a hard left hook to the body.  A hard left kick to the body by Buakaw.  A right cross, left knee combination by Buakaw.  Buakaw’s volume starting to increase.  A hard left body kick.  Buakaw catches the kick and uses it to land a kick.  Buakaw landing with his lead leg to the body.  A hard right hand against the ropes by Buawaw and a dump to finish.  Buakaw splits the guard and lands an elbow inside.  Buakaw with a dominate first round

Buakaw comes out strong in the second.  Landing to the right side of Zhang.  Zhang falls to the ground and the fighters return to the center of the ring.  Zhang landing to the body.  Buakaw looks to be much faster, more athletic.  Buakaw lands a switch knee and makes Zhang miss and takes him down again.  Left knee and right eblow landed by Buakaw.  Zhang against the ropes and Buakaw lands to the head and kick to the body.  Buakaw landing every knee to Zhang’s body at will.  Another dominate round.

Buakaw comes out strong again.  Landing knees in combination to the body.  Buakaw really pressuring and landing his right knee to the body of Zhang and will.  Buakaw pulls Zhang’s glove down and lands a hard right elbow.  Buakaw with a solid knee against the ropes.  Buakaw throws the right cross and lands a left jab, right straight combination.  A jumping knee from Buakaw.  A cut has been opened over the left eye of Zhang.  The round ends and Buakaw should take the dominant decision.

Buakaw Banchamek def. Zhang Chunyu by Unanimous Decision




Dmitry Valent (BELARUS) vs Panom Topking Boxing (THAILAND)

Valent lands two hard kicks to the body.  A nice jab showcased by Dmitry.  Panom not getting overaggressive, looking to pick his strikes.  A nice left kick to the armpit by Panom.  Valent clinches and lands a knee to the Thai’s right side.  Valent pushes him down.  Panom in the clinch.  Valent just misses with a spinning back fist and lands with a right kick.  Panom clinches and Dmitry lands a hard right knee to the body.

There is a large cut over the left eye of Dmitry Valent as round 2 begins.  A hard left hook from Valent lands.  Panom throws a left kick to the body that is blocked.  A huge counter left hand knocks Panom completely unconscious.

Dmitry Valent def. Panom Topking Boxing by KO at 0:46 of Round 2


Valent gets the violent finish



Main Event – Igor Liubchenko (UKRAINE) vs Yokpetch Petchkasem (THAILAND)

Igor looks to be looking to stay outside and Yokpetch is landing low kicks from just inside.  right hand by Yokpetch.  Igor the longer fighter, but missing on the quicker Yokpetch.  The Ukranian lands a right hook through the guard.  A kick caught by Yokpetch and he returns with his own left kick to the shoulder.  Yokpetch comfortable against the ropes.  Looking to counter.  Left kick to the body by Yokpetch.  Igor trys to throw his jab.  Head kick missed by Yokpetch and Igor lands a right cross.  Igor looking to use his lands.  A left hook right hand followed by a left hook right combination lands for Igor.  A right elbow grazes Yokpetch as the bell sounds.

Round 2 starts and the pace continues to be pushed by Igor.  A nice trip out the right side by Yokpetch.  Igor lands a step in right knee.  Yokpetch against the ropes, but moving his head well to avoid strikes.  Igor lands a right elbow, left hook combination.  A left hook by Igor.  Igor lands a hard left hook to the body of Yokpetch.  A left straight by Igor and a return right head kick by Yokpetch.  Igor still pushing the pace with his kicks and punches.  Short inside elbows by Igor and Yokpetch seems unfazed.  A left hook to the body by Igor.  The bell sounds

Round 3 starts fast.  Yokpetch is being very aggressive now.  A right straight lands for Igor.  Yokpetch tosses Igor back.  Yokpetch still looking to counter .  Igor landing combinations at will and the ref calls for a standing count.  Igor with a big knee that finishes the fight, knocking Yokpetch out.

Igor Liubchenko def. Yokpetch Petchkasem by KO in Round 3


Igor finishes Yokpetch with a hard right knee



 Top King World Series Belarus Results

  • Dmitry Varets def. Rungravee Sasiprapa by KO at 1:46 into Round 1
  • Andrei Kulebin def. Eisa Alamdar Nezam by Unanimous Decision
  • Khayal Dzhaniev def. Veselin Veselinov by Unanimous Decision
  • Dmytro Konstantynov def. Armen Petrosyan by Decision
  • Buakaw Banchamek def. Zhang Chunyu by Unanimous Decision
  • Dmitry Valent def. Panom Topking Boxing by KO at 0:46 of Round 2
  • Igor Liubchenko def. Yokpetch Petchkasem by KO in Round 3




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    what was the result of the fight between EISA ALAMDAR and ANDREI KULEBIN?

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    Kulebin won a decision. I missed the first fight of the iPPV.

    You can watch the fight here

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