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UFC Fight Night Japan takes place this Saturday, September 20th at the Saitama Super Arena in Tokyo, Japan.  The broadcast streams live on UFC Fight Pass starting at 12:30am EDT (9:30 PDT).  The 12-fight card is headlined by a Heavyweight Main Attraction between # Mark Hunt and # Roy Nelson.  Follow along live as we bring you play-by-play for the event.  I will be live tweeting during the event.




UFC Fight Night 52

Mark Hunt (264) vs Roy Nelson (260)
Myles Jury (156) vs Takanori Gomi (155)
Yoshihiro Akiyama (170) vs Amir Sadollah (170)
Miesha Tate (135) vs Rin Nakai (135)
Kiichi Kunimoto (171) vs Richard Walsh (171)
Kyoji Horiguchi (125) vs Jon Delos Reyes (125)
Alex Caceres (135) vs Masanori Kanehara (135)
Katsunori Kikuno (146) vs Sam Sicilia (145)
Hyun Gyu Lim (171) vs Takenori Sato (169)
Michinori Tanaka (135) vs Kyung Ho Kang (136)
Kazuki Tokudome (155) vs Johnny Case (156)
Maximo Blanco (146) vs Daniel Hooker (145)


Live Tweet Updates:






Maximo Blanco (10-6-1) vs Daniel Hooker (12-4)

Daniel Hooker is a confident man in his striking.  He won an 8-man, one night kickboxing tournament in New Zealand.

Maximo Blanco is a former Lightweight King of Pancrase and WVR sponsored fighter.

Round 1 – Daniel Hooker drives Blanco into the fence, active with his elbows.  They circle out and Hooker looks to land his straight right.  Hooker very aggressive, working inside of Blanco’s range.  Hooker clinches and is trying to bully Blanco inside.  Blanco pushes him against the cage.  A very high pace so far.  Blanco gets the takedown, but Hooker gets right up.  Hooker pushes him off.  Hooker lands a straight right.  Blanco lands a left cross.  An elbow by Hooker.  They are throwing back and forth.  Blanco lands some huge punches, but Hooker keeps going.  Dirty fight for Hooker, he lands a right elbow and right knee.  Huge shots landed by Blanco.  Blanco gets the takedown and looking to pass to mount.  A strong elbow.  Hooker scrambles up , but gets hit with a combination from Blanco.  Blanco shoots in for a takedown and Hooker defends.  This is a grueling fight.  They break.  Blanco lands a right uppercut and left hook.  Blanco keeps landing, but Hooker keeps coming.  Blanco tries to grab onto a guillotine choke.  Blanco landing, hookign lands a right straight.  left cross by Hooker.  Knees against the cage by Hooker.  Amazing first round.

Round 2 – Hooker aggressive again.  Blanco lands a striahgt left.  Huge right hook by Blanco.  They are throwing, Hooker lands an inside right leg kick.  Blanco throwing hard..  Lands about 8 punches to the chin and body.  Hooker is still pushing.  Lands a hard right hand.  Hooker eats 4 more punches and lands a left straight.  Hooker right leg kicks.  Hooker pushing forward.  Blanco uppercut lands.  This fight is a scrap.  Trading insides.  Blanco left uppercut.  Right cross by Hooker.  Right hand by Blanco.  Right knee by Hooker.  Left hands by Blanco.  Right knee by Hooker.  Left Hook lands for Blanco.  Non-Stop Action!!!  Hooker landing in combiantion.  Three Counter Right Crosses lands for Blanco.  Left Hook to the body by Hooker.  This fight is insane.  All out.  Left uppercut, right cross combination by Blanco.  Blanco lands a vicious 4-strike combination.  Blanco lands about 6 straight punches to the chin.  Hooker still coming foward.  Is this man or machine?  Hooker bullying inside.  Hooker is wearing Blanco down.  Blanco landing left hooks.  right uppercuts.  They are just throwing hands non-stop.  Dan Hooker is cut over his right eye, Let’s keep this fight going!!!!!!!  The fight keeps going.  Hooker getting inside.  Left uppercut by blanco.  Jabs land by Blanco.  Hooker pressing forward.  What a round.  This is by far one of the best fights if not the best of the year.

Round 3 – Blanco shoots in .  Hooker defends.  Hooker to the cage.  Blanco looking for the back.  Hooker u.  Blanco is up to his feet, trying to get out.  Hooker gets head position and gets off the cage.  Blanco pushes him against the cage, looking for a guillotine.  Left head kick lands from Hooker.  Right leg kick by Hooker.  Blanco lands a right uppercut.  Trading inside.  Left elbow by Blanco.  Hooker lands.  Blanco lands.  Huge right knee by Hooker.  Hooker defends the takedown.  Blanco controlling the head.  What a fight.  No doubt one of the best fights this year.  Blanco three punch combination.  Hooker pressing hard.  Blanco looking for the takedown.  Both men are tired now.  Nice left elbow by Hooker.  Knee lands for Hooker.  Hooker starting to land in combination.  Lands hard to the body.  Hooker is hurting Blanco.  Left hook to the body, right elbow to the face.  Up elbow, bur a right hand counter.  jabs to the face of Hooker.  Right knees by hooker.  Right cross by Hooker.  Jab, cross lands.  Left knee to the head hurts Blanco.  What a fight.  Hooker in the clinch, controlling with knees.  Hooker in combination.  Right kick blocked by Blanco.  Right cross lands by Hooker.  Right knee by Hooker.  High knee by Hooker.  WHAT A FIGHT!

Maximo Blanco wins by Unanimous Decision (29-28 x 3)


Kazuki Tokudome (12-5-1) vs Johnny Case (18-4)

Tokudome is a grappling heavy fighter who survived multiple knockdowns to come back and lose a close split decision to Yui Chul Nam.  Johnny Case is somewhat of an unknown training with Alliance MMA.

Round 1 – Both men enter the center of the cage.  Looking to feint.  Left hand lands from Case.  Tokudome shoots in, but Case defends.  Case with the whizzer in.  Tokudome switches him out and puts him back against the cage.  Tokudome pushes him down.  Case with his foot on the cage looking to re-guard.  Tokudome looking to stay tight.  Tokudome passes to side mount.  Controlling the head and arm, but it will be hard to put in against the cage.  Johnny looking to roll to his left.  Case regains half butterfly.  Case gets one underhook and both butterfly hooks.  Case attempts a sweep and pushes Tokudome up.  Tokudome shoots back in.  Case working the whizzer and tried a trip.  Right hand from Tokudome.  Left hand lands for Tokudome.  Right head kick blocked by Tokudome.  The round ends.

Round 2 – A left hook lands for Case.  A left kick lands to Case’s nuts that hurt him.  Left high kick by Tokudome.  Right kick to the shoulder by Case.  Tokudome misses with the right cross.  Case has a right hook miss.  Both men standing just ouside of the range, defending well.  Left, Right lands for Tokudome.  Left Hook blocked by Tokudome.  Hard right hand by Case.  Inside left kick by Case.  Misses with a combination.  Lands with a left hand.  Huge right hand and Johnny Case chokes Tokudome out with guillotine..  Tokudome went to sleep.

Johnny Case wins by Sub at 2:34 of Round 2


Michinori Tanaka (10-0) vs. Kyung Ho Kang (12-7)

Former PXC Bantamweight Champion faces former Road FC Bantamweight Champion as Tanaka looks to wrestle and control Kyung Ho Kang.

Round 1 – Kang lands a right hand.  He hurts Tanaka and defends the takedown, gets mount and then gets the back.  Kang with the body triangle.  Looking to push his right hand under the chin with the underhook ont he left hand.  He has the lock going..  Working the neck crank.  Tanaka works his hands off.  Kang puts the arm on the chin, not looking to over exert himself.  Brian Stann on point tonight with his commentary.  Tanaka reverses, but Kang gets back up.  Tanaka gets the takedown, but Kang takes the back.  Tanaka reverses to top position.  Controlling Kang’s right leg.  Tanaka looking to lands some punches with his left hands.  Tanaka lands a right knee, attempts a trip and Kang comes on top.  Kang with a right elbow from guard.  Right elbow again from Kang.  He is so good on top.  Tanaka tries to reverse and Kang passes to half guard.  Kang comes in tight.  Possible arm triangle and then Tanaka comes up and Kang takes his back again.  Kang landing his right hand to end the round.

Round 2 – Kang right cross lands and right kick.  Left body kick landed by Kang.  Right kick by Kang.  Tanaka responds, but its countered by Kang.  Kang lands a front kick and right hand.  Tanaka is not comfortable here. Right kick lands and Tanaka shoots in and gets the takedown.  Kang active from his guard.  Kang coming up to his left.  Legs high, but Kang looking Kimura.  Kang loves the armbar.  Flips Tanaka over..  Kang is looking to finish it here, but Tanaka knows he has one chances to explode out.  Kang has a body triangle from mount.  He should switch to straight arm, but Tanaka gets out and Kang takes his back.  Tanaka reverses and gets into Kang’s half guard.  Kang looking to re-guard.  Tanaka trying to land punches.  Kang looking to get butterfly and stand up.  Tanaka gets the back and tries to get to get the choke.  He turns Kang and gets into mount and lands two great right elbows from the top.  Kang trying to roll, but Tanaka staying on top and landing elbows.  Tanaka finishes the round from the back.

Round 3 – Leg kick landed by Kang.  Tanaka misses with his right.  Kang looking to control the center, Tanaka circling.  Left cross lands by Kang.  Jab by Kang.  Jang’s length is making distance.  Tanaka counters and lands a kick to Kang’s left side.  Tanaka with the single leg takedown to half guard. Very technical fight, awesome show so far.  Tanaka almost wanting to knee Kang..  working to keep him down.  Kang takes the back.  The reversals in this fight are crazy.  Tanaka almost rolls to guard, but Kang defends.  Tanaka does finally roll out and gets to Kang’s back.  Tanaka takedown and the Kang defends working to his feet.  What a fight.  Kang looking to put his weight on him.  Tanaka lands a right lhand.  Kang lands a right hand.  Tanaka just misses with the left hook.  Kang landing.  Kang sprawls and a possible darce choke.  Tanaka defends very well and gets back up. Kang missing, but lands with a right hook.  What a reversal by Kang and gets his back looking for the choke.  Tanaka reverse to guard.  Throwing down back on the feet.  What an insane fight.

Kyung Ho Kang Wins Split Decision


Hyun Gyu Lim (12-4-1) vs. Takenori Sato (17-9-7)

Hyun Gyu Lim is 2-1 in the UFC and has 2 KO wins.  Takenori Sato lost to Erick Silva in his UFC debut.

Round 1 – Hyun Gyu Lim the heavy favorite.  Stalking style and long reach.  Takenori Sato misses with a high kick.  Takenori Sato left leg kick partially blocked.  Takenori Sato shoots from way outside.  Lim laughs at it.  lim looking to land that one hitta quitta.  Lim defends the takedown and is landing huge elbows..  it’s over.  Lim destroys Takenori Sato to no one’s surprise.  TKO win by Elbows in the first round.


Katsunori Kikuno (22-6-2) vs. Sam Sicilia (13-4)

Sam Sicilia is a Spokane based Washington state MMA fighter with heavy hands and is looking to brawl with the Karate fighter known for his crescent kick, Katsunori Kikuno.

Round 1 – Both men lookig to trade.  Kikuno looking to trade.  Kikuno working inside.  Close kick by Sicilia.  Sam lands a counter.  Right kick lands to the body by Sam.  Straight kick by Kikuno.  Brawl so far.  Kikuno lands a right cross.  Kikuno not giving a shit..  looking to throw.  Sam is ready to go.  Right uppercut by Sam.  Right cross by Kikuno.  Kikuno with a huge smile on his face.  Could be the wrong strategy here.  Kikuno looking to exchange.  Sam lands a right hand.  Left leg kick and body kick alnds for Kikuno.  Left knee lands for Sam.  Left hook lands for Kikuno.  Right cross lands and left hook lands by Sam.  Kikuno right leg kick.  another leg kick.  left insdie left kick and spinning back fist by Kikuno.  Right hand by Sam.  Sam getting comfortable.  Both men throwing hard.  That Hooker/Blanco fight set the pace for this night.  This feels like it’s going to be one of the best nights of MMA in it’s history.  You hope you’re watching.

Round 2 – Kikuno aggressive again.  Sam trying to keep distance moving back.  Huge left hands land on Sam’s chin, they sounded like they could kill.  Kikuno has finishing power.  Kikuno tosses him down and looks for the rear naked choke finish.  He has the neck crank if he can move his.  He has it.  What a fight!!!  Submission win for Kikuno.

Katsunori Kikuno by Sub in Round 2

Alex Caceres (10-6) vs. Masanori Kanehara (23-11-5)

Round 1 – Both men touch gloves, Kanehara misses with a high kick.  Both men looking to strike.  Bruce Leroy kick that lands.  Left high kick that just misses by Caceres.  Kanehara looks good, comfortable at range.  Right hands land for Kanehara and he gets the takedown.  Caceres looking for the triangle, but Kanehara defends well.   Kanehara looks to pass to the right side.  Caceres defending well with his open guard.  Caceres looking for the triangle on the right side.  Kanehara gets his hand loose.  Kanehara gets on top and gets the back, Kanehara working for a single.  Right hook lands for Kanehara.  Kanehara landing huge shots on Caceres.  Looking to finish the fight.  Kanehara takes the back landing right hands to the chin.  Right knee to the body.  Kanehara has 40 seconds.  Caceres with a kimura attempt that reverses the position.  Bruce Leroy with the right elbow and they separate.

Round 2 – A takdown by Kanehara and he takes the back.  Caceres defensive liabilities  showing.  Kanehara riding Caceres against the fence.  Kanehara looking to get in the choke.  He needs to lock the right hand.  Gets Caceres down.  Kanehara still looking for the choke.  Close submission from Kanehara, but Caceres defends well.  Kanehara trying to land punches and looking for the submission.  Kanehara wins the round.

Round 3 – Caceres lands a left hand as they are both tentative.  Cacered misses with a combination.  Caceres needs to work.  Lands a left hand.  Alex needs to kick.  Kanehara lands a right hand.  right kick to the body by Kanehara.  Left kick to the body partially blocked by Caceres.  Caceres getting active, but gets hit with a left hook.  Right cross lands for Kanehara.  Left hand lands for Caceres..  Right hand lands for Kanehara.  Caceres clinches.  Right hook to the body left to the hand grazes Kanehara.  Right leg kick by Kanehara.  Left kick and right high kick misses.  spinnning attack by Caceres misses.  These two men are trading inside.  Good fight.

Masanori Kanehara wins his UFC debut (29-28 x 3)


Kyoji Horiguchi (13-1) vs. Jon Delos Reyes (7-3)

Kyoji Horiguchi is Japan’s top prospect with heavy hands and karate background.  Jon Delos Reyes is a heavy handed brawler and a heavy underdog going into this fight.

Round 1 – Kyoji is the huge favorite going in.  Kyoji looking for range.  Lands a right hand.  Delos moving.  Nasy body kick by Horiguchi.  Dropped Delos Reyes.  Horiguchi on top.  Delos Reyes sub attempt declined.  Delos Reyes looking to regain guard with one butterfly.  Horiguchi lands a hugh right hand.  Horiguchi has more power than almost anyone at Flyweight.  Nice left body kick lands.  Delos Reyes lands a right flying knee.  Horiguchi has him against the cage.  Delos Reyes lands two right knees to the legs of Horiguchi.  Huge left hook by Horiguchi.  Both men swinging hard.  Horiguchi finishes the fight in round one.

Kyoji Horiguchi finishes the fight in 3:48 of Round 1


Kiichi Kunimoto (17-5-2) vs. Richard Walsh (8-1)

Both men looking to strike.  Walsh lands a hard punch that drops Kiichi.  Rich keeps lands combinations on Strasser Kiichi. Left head kick drops Kiichi.  Richard can’t finish and Kiichi keeps coming forward.  Kiichi’s nose is bleeding heavily now.  Knee to Kiichi’s groin and the fight pauses.  Both men ready to go quickly.  Walsh going in aggressive.  Walsh lands a left cross.  A right body kick by Walsh.  A right cross by Walsh lands.  Walsh lands in combination.  Kiichi is hurt, but looking to clinch.  Kiichi looking for the takedown.

Round 2 – Walsh looking to be aggressive.  Right hand by Walsh and a follow up left and right.  Kiichi clinches.  Kunimoto trying to get the takedown.  Kiichi looking to control and win this fight.  The round ends a little bit uneventful.

Round 3 – Both men come to the center of the octagon.  Both man land two punch cominations.  Walsh rushes in.  Kiichi lands a good right knee.  Left kick by Walsh.  Kiichi throwing combinations that land and looking for the takedown.  Walsh against the cage.  Left kick blocked by Kiichi.  Kiichi shoots in again.  Looking to control, but big right knee by Walsh and huge right hand by Walsh.  Kiichi takeodwn.  Takes the back.  Rich defends and Kiichi is landing knees to the leg controlling the action.  Kiichi lokoign for the rear naked choke.  Gets the hooks in, gets the body lock.  Kiichi looking to punch his way to the choke.  1 minute and 20 seconds left.  Kiichi is looking left arm rear naked choke.  baiting the right.  Walsh defending well.  Kiichi throwing some punches to get his opponent going.  Kiichi trying to finish, but he isnt’ close.

Kiichi Kunimoto wins the Decision.


Miesha Tate (14-5) vs. Rin Nakai (16-0-1)

Round 1 – Rin moving like an epileptic, but has no technical striking what so ever.  Meisha so much better standing.  Rin needs to get this down.  Meisha can get nasty here in the clinch.  Meisha on top.  Rin fighting back.  Nakai looking for the takedown with a caught kick, but she was stuffed.  Meisha landing hard left elbows against the cage.  Nakai tries for the takedown, but Meisha gets on top.  Meisha hurts Rin with a right hand.  Right hand to the body by Meisha.  Combination by Tate, Rin shoots in.  Meishas defends well.  Rin goes for the throw, but Tate defends.  Meisha using her forearm to control Rin in the clinch.

Round 2 -Meisha with a sharp right cross.  Tate tried to take it down, but it stands back up.  Left head kick by Tate and she clinches.  controlling with her left elbow.  Rin Nakai takes back mount, but a bit too high.  She needs to stick her legs out. Meisha can get out.  Rin should go triangle.  She’s out.  Rin needs to work or she will lose another round.  Rin can finish an armbar.   Tate defends well.  Rin is no joke.  Tate looking to strike.  Rin ducks under and looks for the takedown.

Round 3 – Rin gets a takedown, Tate back up and Rin controlling the back, drops down and gets one hook in.  The left hook is in, but Rin has over/under control.  Rin controlling working for the hooks in.  Gets them, but Rin looking off, Meisha is out.  Clinch again, Meisha right elbow, left knee strike.  Rin controlling Tate against the cage.  Nakai controlling, as the much smaller fighter.  Nakai puts Tate down, but she gets back up.  Nakai pressuring.  Tate landing on the right side.  She needs to work.  Nakai might win this fight.  Meisha has done nothing.  Rin gets a takedown.  So much talk of Meisha, but Rin might have won that fight.


Yoshihiro Akiyama (13-5) vs. Amir Sadollah (6-4)

Sadollah looking to engag.  Left kick block by Akiyama.  Great trip by Akiyama.  Akiyamam controlling from half guard.   Akiyama in control.  Akiyama lands a right hand through the guard.  Half guard still.  Amir gets back up with one minute left.  Spinning back kick to the body by Akiyama.

Round 2 -Left head kick by Amir, but Akiyama absorbs it.  They exchange inside.  Akiyama gets the takedown.  Akiyama landed with a right and a left.  Upkick by Amir.  Akiyama in control at the end of the second round.

Round 3 -Amir just misses with the kick.  Right cross lands for Akiyama.  Nice combination from Akiyama.  Amir defending well.  Big right hand from Sexyama.  Spinning back kick hurt Sadollah.  Akiyama looking strong going into the last half ot he third.  Akiyama takes Amir down and looks to land his right hands.  a right hand lands.  Akiyama punching with his right hand.   Akiyama with control and landing some serious right hands landing.  Amir is cut up in this third round.

Yoshihiro Akiyama wins by Unanimous Decision.

Myles Jury (14-0) vs. Takanori Gomi (35-9)

Takanori Gomi is the former Pride FC Lightweight GP Champion.. Myles Jury is an Alliance trained lightweight who is undefeated.

Round 1 – Both men are looking to be aggressive.  Right hand missed by Gomi.  Gomi pushing it.  Huge right hand by Jury.  That’s it.  Jury stops Gomi in the first round.

Myles Jury stops Gomi in 92 seconds….


Mark Hunt (9-8-1) vs. Roy Nelson (20-9)

First Round – Both men ready to go.  Big right hand by hunt. Good recovery by Nelson.  right hand grazes by Roy.  Left body kick by Hunt.  Roy misses with the overhand right.  Right leg kick by Hunt.  Roy needs to grapple here.  Uppercut by Hunt.  Nice right by hunt.  Hunt lands again.  Roy wins the right and just misses.  Left hook misses from Hunt.  Right hand misses by Roy.  Roy lands a heavy right hand.  Hunt land the right uppercut twice.  Right hand by Rooy.  Roy misses with the hook.  Big right leg kick by Nelson.  Left Hook misses and right hand misses by Roy.  Right hand just misses.

Round 2 -Hunt putting on the pressure.  Left hook by Hunt and counter by Roy.  roy lands a stiff jab and heavy leg kick.  Mark Hunt missing.  Right cross lands.  Right hand by big country.  Hunt lands.  Big right hand by Hunt.  KO win.  What a KO.  Step off KO again.





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