Will Chope on his Upcoming Bouts, Life in Asia

Fight Sport Asia was able to catch up with Will Chope ahead of his Diamond Fight Promotions bout with Rodolfo Marques on October 5th.  Will Chope currently trains in Singapore with the Juggernaut Fight Club.  “The Kill” is the self proclaimed tallest Featherweight in the world at 194cm (6’4″).  Will carries a 20-7 pro MMA record into this fight, including a 14 fight win streak capped off by finishing former Pancrase and KOTC Champion Takumi Nakayama in the third round to win the PXC Featherweight Title.  Will is also scheduled to face former WEC Bantamweight Champion Miguel Torres in the semi-finals of the Rebel FC Featherweight Grand Prix later this year.


FightSportAsia: I want to start out congratulating you on your most recent win in the Rebel FC Battle Royale 8-man Featherweight Grand Prix at Rebel FC 2 this past August. What were your thoughts on your opponent, Mauricio Dos Santos Jr, and how the fight went?

Will Chope: Dos Santos was a tough opponent and hard to finish, but I felt good in that fight knowing I can hold me own and testing my ground game against a tried and tested black belt.


FSA: You are bracketed in the Semi-finals against former WEC Bantamweight Champion and UFC veteran Miguel Torres. Do you feel that Miguel and yourself should have been on opposite sides of the bracket, coming in as the favorites?

Will Chope: Everyone knows me and Miguel are the best in the tournament. We just get to see who’s better in the semi’s instead of the finals. A shame really from a marketing perspective.


FSA: How do you believe that fight with Miguel will play out? Do you believe that the length and ability of Miguel to use his reach in the fight will effect your game plan for the fight?

Will Chope: I think Miguel has a suspect chin, after seeing him get rocked in the fight vs Ashida. So I plan to use my reach and KO him.



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FSA: What were you’re thoughts on your previous fight at PRO FC 9 against Moon Ki Bum on May 25th? Do you believe that change of opponent from Team Quest Thailand trained Jeremy Kennedy effected your approach to the fight?


Will Chope: No I lost to Ki Bum Moon because I spent a month in the USA trying to sort my life back together after getting kicked out of the UFC. I wasn’t able to train and was more focused on personal matters than the fight. Was my fault to not be prepared, because I know I am better than Moon and almost sub’s him a couple times but that is the game. I am confident PRO FC will give me a rematch on their next card, considering Moon accepts.



FSA: You had a guillotine in the first round, did you feel the submission was close and how did you feel trying to work from the bottom in the fight?


Will Chope: Nearly sub’d him but gassed out is all like I said I wasn’t physically prepared taking that fight.



FSA: PRO FC is the promotion that gave you your first professional MMA opportunity, do you feel like you’re move to Asia has changed yourself as a person? You often talk about how you feel as Asia is you’re home. Is this a combination of your environment at work and at home?


Will Chope: PRO FC is one of my favorite organizations to fight for I love fighting for them and will do so for a long time to come. I love Taiwan.



FSA: You often talk about how you feel as Asia is you’re home. Is this a combination of your environment at work and at home?


Will Chope: Asia has changed me so much as a man, and I really mean what I say. I may be from the USA but America is not my home Asia his. I been here nearly my entire adult life and I plan to keep it that way. The people here and the lifestyle is just something I will never get in the USA.



FSA: You mentioned being very young when you moved out of your house, do you feel you’re experiences have made you mature so quickly at such a young age?

Will Chope: I was forced to grow up fast very young and had to learn a lot of things on the go. It was hard but hardships is what built me and made me who I am. So for that I am grateful and I know I am a better man than who I was yesterday.

FSA: You’re ability to keep pushing yourself to achieve your goal to be a world champion has impressed me. You state that you have had 50 fights over the past 4 years, what different rule sets have you fought in and do you believe fighting in multiple combat sports is an advantage as an MMA fighter?


Will Chope: I have had 54 Pro Fights in Muay Thai, Sanda, Boxing, K1, & of course MMA. It has helped me grow as a fighter and get better for sure. The experience in so many styles keeps me calm during fights. I hope to have 300 fights one day be a modern day Jeremy Horn if all goes well to plan.



Short visit back at @phukettopteam , has been fun training here again.

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FSA: Can you tell us a little about the training you receive in Asia? You have trained in Thailand in the past and now train and live in Singapore. The Juggernaut Fight Team is filled with a large group of fighters looking to make a name for themselves in the Asian MMA market. What sets your gym apart from the rest of the gyms in Asia?


Will Chope: I have trained all over Asia, in Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, and now Singapore. Right now I am at Juggernaut Fight Club team filled with Singaporean National Boxers & Wrestlers along with a few top pros. We all have an incredible work ethic and we have one of the best coaches in the world Arvind The Juggernaut Lalwani. He guides us gives us what we need to be better and always pushes us hard. He’s been like a dad really. I am so lucky to be here coaching and on his team.



FSA: You have an upcoming fight scheduled for the 5th of October in Singapore with Diamond Fight Promotions. You face Dream and Shooto veteran and BJJ Black Belt, Rodolfo Marques (16-4-1). The Nova Uniao trained fighter is considered one of the better Brazilian fighters fighting in Asian. Can you tell us how you believe this fight could play out?


Will Chope: I have to finish this guy he does well when he goes to decisions so I know I will be going for a KO and setting a pace on him that he can’t keep up.



FSA: Circling back to what you said about being a World Champion, what are your goals for your career in MMA and other combat sports?


Will Chope: My goal is to go down in history as having the most pro MMA fights ever, As well as picking up some world titles along the way. I plan for a long career and definitely want to just keep fighting whenever possible.



FSA: You mention working as a pizza-maker in the past, as well as pizza and ice cream as your favorite food. Do you make pizza at home? New York Thin or Chicago Thick?


Will Chope: Love all kinds of pizza, Chicago style is my favorite haha and I can spin dough like a pro but haven’t done so in awhile haha.




FSA: Will, Thank you for the time and the best of luck on October 5th and in your future fights. Would you like to thank any of your sponsors, friends, fans?


Will Chope: Thank you FSA for the interview. And huge shout out to all my fans who continue to believe in me and support me and thanks to my gym Juggernaut Fight Club for getting me ready.


Will can be followed on Twitter.



You can watch Will’s most recent fight here:





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