Rob Lisita Looking for Redemption, ONE FC World Title

Robert “Ruthless” Lisita is an Australian born MMA fighter training with Phuket Top Team in Phuket, Thailand. Rob brings a 14-6 professional record with 11 finishes into his upcoming main event bout at ONE FC 21 in Kuala Lumpur.  Lisita is taking on M-1 Featherweight Champion Marat Gafurov (9-0) on October 17th.  The fight will stream live on ONE FC’s website.  FightSportAsia was able to catch up with Rob before his fight:


Fight Sport Asia: Rob, If you could describe you’re fighting style in one word, what would that be?

Rob Lisita: my fighting style in one word Ruthless.


FSA: Knockout or Submission?

Rob: Knockout all day…..


FSA: You were recently featured in the web series “Phuket Dreaming”. What was that experience like for you?

Rob: it was an honour to work with and become friends with Genghis con, someone I think that’s the best in his business. plus it was great to feature my team from the owner Boyd my brother, to all my great teammates , a lot of them have not gotten the opportunity to fight in the big shows which I believe they should. PTT are full of bests right now we got rid of the weak unmotivated guys and are left with true fighters.


FSA: You’re being filmed leading up to this fight. How would you describe the training and lifestyle in Phuket?

Rob: its a fighters life here, we live, eat and chill out all within a couple hundred metres from our gym, we are encouraged by the locals and I feel home here. its the level of training you can get at any world class gym at a fraction of the cost.


FSA: What is an average day in Phuket like?

Rob: Wake up have coffee, train, then eat then more coffee then train again then eat, chill with the boys a bit, maybe do 1 more session then eat, sleep and repeat, there’s a lot of things to distract you but if your mentally tough Phuket top team can be the best place to train in the world.


FSA: The atmosphere of having a gym full of hungry athletes must be highly motivating?

Rob: Right now we got the best team we’ve ever had at ptt, we got a bunch a killers that are always on the mat for there teammates and we are all training as one and sharing knowledge. the unity is great and the atmosphere in all aspects of ptt are continuing to go up.


FSA: What would you advise to a fighter who hasn’t decided if they want to pursue MMA full-time ?

Rob: I advise anyone that wants to do mma as a career to get into a gym, put in the work and spar. sparring is the true test to see if a guy is ready to fight or not.


FSA: After all of your hard work in the gym, what does it feel like when you finally step in the cage and the referee says fight?

Rob: it feels like time to go to work, generally all im thinking is kill the guy, but in this fight I want to show the world Ruthless 2.0 ive got so much more skills to show the world I just get caught up with being aggressive and running through the guy, this fight I will show more of what im capable of.



FSA: You next step foot in the ONE FC cage on October 17th in Kuala Lumpur. You’re opponent is undefeated in MMA, what are the strengths you see in his game?

Rob: he has a pretty basic game but seems physically strong, he likes to hold onto his opponents and grind out victory.


FSA: Marat Gafurov likes to fight inside and throw knees. Do you believe the ONE FC rule set is better for you or him?

Rob: I like to fight inside and throw knees too, he can try to lay on me but that wont score nothing in ONEfc, the awesome ruleset we have judges for affective striking, near finishes and ring control. plus its judged on the whole fight, were not in Russia anymore where he gets special treatment.


FSA: How do you believe the fight unfolds?

Rob: I believe he will throw single strikes and shoot for takedowns, I will outstrike him and stop his takedown attempts and punish him for trying them, after I break him mentally I will finish the fight by KO or TKO and get a big win and that warrior bonus.


FSA: What would the ONE FC Warrior Bonus do for you?Is that bonus extra incentive to finish the fight in dramatic fashion?

Rob: that bonus is a great incentive, to be honest if they dropped the amount but guaranteed that a couple guys would get one per show it would be even better but once I become the fist guy to stop this undefeated Russian they cant deny me that bonus.




FSA: You have talked about wanting to be the first Australian born World Title holder. How good will it feel to win your first world title?

Rob: when guys say they dreamed of this when they where kids I don’t generally believe them but im serious when I say I dreamed of being the best fighter my size in the world. getting that world title will make those goals I set out for myself come true, I forgot that for a long time and forgot what I was fighting for, now that I remember nothing will stop me.


FSA: What has reinvigorated your motivation in winning a World Title?

Rob: my last fight made me think about a few things and it made me realize its not about money or fame, its about being the best fighter my weight in the world, that truly has been my dream since I was a kid, something made me remember it and now I believe that I deserve to be where I am and im enjoying every moment.


 Rob can be followed on his Facebook and Twitter



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