Anatpong “Mak Mak” Bunrad Speaks Highly of Thailand, Ready for ONE FC Debut

Anatpong “Mak Mak” Bunrad is a native Thai fighter who has recently joined Phuket Top Team in Thailand to further his MMA career. Bunrad is 3-1 in his professional MMA career and will be making his ONE FC debut on October 17th.  Tickets for the event can be purchased here.  If you won’t be in Kuala Lumpur for ONE FC 21, you can watch worldwide at

Anatpong (left) with teammate Rob Lisita


Mak Mak began his martial arts training in judo when he was 10 years old.  When Anatpong would make trips to Thailand with his mom, he said “my mom drop me in the muay thai class in as recreation only”.  When he was between the ages of 16-18, he “started the real training at Karate Shihaishinkai”.  Mak Mak explained that the martial art included “kyokushin (karate), grappling, stand up and mma” and he had achieved his black belt.

Mak Mak “Praying before leaving to Kuala Lumpur. Love to be on my own because this is the best moment that i can have to make my mind empty. At the same time, here the portrait of our King, proud of our King of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej.”

Anatpong was born in Thailand and moved to Belgium when he was 7 years old.  “I remember very well my childhood in Isan, Udon Thani.” Mak Mak replied when asked about growing up in a foreign country.  He believed his move to Europe wasn’t a choice, “it was a destiny when we moved”.  He continued “Now, Belgium became part of my life and I’m proud for sure to be Thai and proud also of Belgium”.

Anatpong recently moved his training camps to Phuket Top Team in Thailand.  When asked what brought him back to Thailand, he responded “it’s because now we can have everything in Thailand and i’m happy because I’m Thai”.  Mak Mak believes that the training in Thailand has grown from just being Muay Thai-based, stating that “now we can prepare as well for MMA and finding place for BJJ, CrossFit and MMA as well”.  Anatpong further articulated the positives of his move to Thailand, stating his beliefs that when a foreign fighter has “a fight scheduled in Asia, it’s better to prepare in Asia”.

Anatpong was preparing for a June 14th bout in Moldavia, but he explained that his opponent was injured and nobody wanted to take the fight at the last minute.  “I prepared hard for this fight in Moldavia.” stated Mak, he continued to explain that the promotion wanted him to move up to featherweight to fight a last minute replacement, Bunrad told us “my agent says no because the plan was in bantamweight class”.

Mak will be returning after nearly 18 months since his last MMA fight.  He will make his ONE FC debut this Friday, October 17th, as he faces Mark Marcellinus.  When asked about Marcellinus, Mak responded “I don’t know anything about my opponent”.  Mak stated that he is a well-rounded fighter and he would “feel at moment when the bell will start”.  Mark Marcellinus lost his ONE FC debut and comes from a striking background.  Mak Mak commented that “I can’t judge him with only one fight on his record” and added “about striking, I’m well prepared”.

Anatpong “Ending the week of a hard training. It’s time to relax now. OMW to Udon Thani in the north of Thailand till Sunday. “

Anatpong has future desires to be one of the faces of MMA in Thailand, stating “All the Thai fighters came with a muay thai background and move to MMA after a muay thai career”.  He explained why he was different, “I’m the Thai MMA fighter who came already with a background of BJJ and stand up”.  He added “I love my country, I’m proud to be a Thai and I want to put my Thailand flag very high and show to all the world stage that I’m the best MMA Thai fighter”.  Anatpong continued “It’s time for Thailand to show that besides muay thai and boxing we have the addition of MMA in our blood”.

Mak Mak was able to talk a little bit about his career in Belgium as a chef, “I’m a chef and I run my own business with my lovely mom in Belgium”.  Mak said he learned everything about cooking from his mother, “I was helping her when I was a child, then I started to study cooking at school”.   Mak is a fan of the science of food, “I love cooking gastronome” and his specialty is “a mix of European and Thai food”.

Anatpong wanted to thank some of his supporters leading into his bout this weekend.  “I would like to thank Duello Sports Management, my mom, my wife, my team, my sponsors, friends and all the fans who are supporting me in all of my career.  I’m waiting you all for my fight of Oct 17th OSU!!”.



Mak Mak can be followed on Facebook and Twitter.



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