GFC 4 Results: Badr Hari Wins, Lazaar with Two Knockouts in One Night

Global Fighting Championships 4 took place this Thursday, October 16th in Dubai.  In the day leading up to the event, there were rumors that Badr Hari pulled out of the fight prior to the event, but a press conference with Badr Hari and GFC president, Amir Shafipour, cleared up those rumors.  Quarteron was pulled from the fight because the promotion wanted to promote a family-oriented event, stating “This boxing event is no age limit, kids from 6 (to) 7 years old can come to any old man, 50 or 60 years old.  So basically, we have to have a very safe environment.”.  Amir continued to explain Quarteron’s behavior was “unprofessional” and the promotion pulled him from the fight.

The promotion was able to get the 24-year-old Lithuanian Kickboxer, Arnold Oborotov, to fight Badr Hari on short notice.  Badr Hari was to get Oborotov’s attention early when he didn’t accept the Lithuanian fighter’s touch of gloves.  Hari quickly took center ring and stalked Oborotov, bouncing a hard left kick off of Arnold’s arms.  Hari was the much heavier man, outweighing his opponent by 25kg, and it showed early on in the fight.  Hari threw a four punch combination starting from the left side, coming with a right hook that was blocked, a left hand down the middle and a right hook to the body that landed hard.  Hari threw a quick right knee during a brief clinch.  Hari continued to stalk his opponent before throwing a combination ending in a left hook to the head followed by a right hook that slammed into Oborotov’s midsection.  Hari with a hard left jab to the body.  Hari pressing Arnold before Hari stepped just outside of Oborotov’s kick before stepping back in to land a deadly strike.  Hari was able to throw the jab upstairs and come down with a hard right hand to the body that put Oborotov down on the floor, clenching his stomach.  Just over two minutes into the main event, Badr Hari put another first round finish on his impressive record.

Badr Hari ends Oborotov’s night


In one part of the 4-man heavyweight tournament semi-final, late replacement Sam Tevette was able to outstrike Mohamed Karim.  Senegal’s Sam Tevette, who replaced Melvin Manhoef on late notice (he is also a teammate of Melvin), was able to put on an impressive performance.  Sam landed multiple strong head kicks and was the much faster and more technical fighter.  A completely dominate performance from Sam, taking the unanimous decision win.

Infusion Heavyweight World Champ, Ismael Lazaar fought Aussie Tai Tuivasa in the 2nd tournament semi-final.  Both men traded early and often in the first round.  Tai Tuivasa landed flush on Lazaar’s jaw with about 30 seconds left in the 1st and the Israeli fighter moved back only slightly, showing his toughness.  With increased pressure from Lazaar in the 2nd round, he lands a left high kick that hits the back of Tuivasa’s head and stuns the Aussie fighter.  No knockdown was called as Lazaar went to put Tai away.  The ref reset the fighters and Ismael went right back after the finish, throwing hooks to the head.  A few stinging punches preceded the finishing combination against the ropes.  A left hook to the head, right uppercut, left hook that stunned Tai.  A high right knee followed by a right cross and grazing left hook.  A brief clinch and a huge left knee snaps the neck of Tuivasa back.  Ismael smashed his right hand and follow-up left into Tuivasa’s face before grabbing his head and forcing the referee to step in as Lazaar slammed another knee into the Australian.

Azerbaijan’s Zabit Samedov fought Jafar Ahmadi.  Towards the end of the first round, Jafar landed a left kick to the head of Samedov as he was on his way to the ground.  Zabit Samedov was able to take control of the 2nd round and land the more frequent and damaging blows.  A very strange standing knockdown was called in the 3rd round when Zabit only landed grazing blows to Ahmadi, who looked to be fine throughout.  Zabit Samedov was able to get the unanimous decision nod over Jafar Ahmadi.

The 4-man Heavyweight tournament final was contested between Ismael Lazaar and Sam Tevette.  Tevette came in the much taller and longer fighter.  Ismael came out looking to land his right low kicks. Jumping double knee landed by Tevette.  Lazaar pressured heavy in the first minute.  Landing hard straight punches and looping hooks.  A sharp uppercut lands for Tevette.  A big right hand landed for Ismael as the referee looked to halt the bought and separate the fighters.  The punched dropped Sam and shortly after Melvin Manhoef jumped onto the side of the ring and started arguing with Ismael Lazaar about the punch.  The referee proceeded to warn Ismael and deliver the yellow card.  In a very strange event, GFC president, Amir Shafipour told the referee and fighters what to do, having a discussion with Melvin still inside the ring.  Melvin tried to plead his case, but the promoter stepped into the ring with a microphone, “let me educate you”.  He proceeded to tell the audience that the shoulder strike was not Ismael’s fault, meaning Tevette would have to continue or forfeit the fight.  The fight restarted after about ten minutes, Melvin stayed in the ring as long as possible.  Lazaar came out hard, landing heavy hooks and kicks.  Lazaar went to the legs with kicks and to the head with every he had.  Round 1 ended with Lazaar running away with the fight.  Sam couldn’t catch up, as Lazaar stayed aggressive.  Sneaky hooks and uppercuts through the guard continued until Lazaar hurt Tevette and went all out for the finish.  Lazaar was able to drop Sam with a right uppercut 59 seconds into the 2nd.  Melvin tried everything he could, including coming under the ropes to help his fighter stand up.  Sam got back up, but not for long.  A left hook against the ropes puts an end to Tevette’s night.

Srdjan Seles had a big size advantage over Fatih Ulusoy, almost 25kg.  Seles and Ulusoy were both able to land throughout the fight.  Seles seemed to land the harder shots, although a blitz by Fatih put some damage on Seles.  Fatih was playing into the fans during the fight, turning into an advantage in the third round and landing some hard punches on Seles.  Seles came right back.  This fight felt like a slow-paced brawl, but it was entertaining throughout.  Fitah Ulusoy was able to take a split nod on the judges scorecards.

Jamnian Srikam was able to pick apart Erkan Varol in their Muay Thai bout.  Jamnian landed some hard kicks and elbows throughout the fight.  Erkan tried to come back late in the fight, but Srikam controlled for the large majority of the fight.  Jamnian Srikam won the WBC International Muay Thai Title of Dubai.


Luke Jumeau taps out Mohammad Mansoori


In MMA action, Luke Jumeau was able to finish Mohammad Mansoori after a back and forth contest.  In the first round, Mansoori was able to get Luke down and pass his guard multiple times.  Mansoori attempted two guillotine chokes that didn’t seem to have Luke wary of getting choked out.  In the 2nd round, Luke was able to defend multiple takedowns.  Luke landed a few nice left hooks and one which lead to superior head position and a series of elbows and left knees to the body.  Luke was able to stop a takedown and get an over/under and jump to Mansoori’s back with one hook.  Luke switched his hand and went palm to palm for the choke.  Luke was able to garner the tap from Mansoori, improving his record to 7-3.

Iranian fighter, Hossein Mollamahdi was able to land a strong right hand that put Eypgt’s Ahmed Amir down just seconds into the fight.  Amir bounced back up, but Mollamahdi jumped for a guillotine, but Amir was able to eventually escape and move his way to mount.  Amir moved to side and locked on a arm-triangle on the opposite side.  Amir was able to move to mount and then to his left side mount to tighten the choke and illicit the tap.

In the first fight of the evening, Adrien Garlonta was able to stop Davoud Ojaghi with a left hook to the body.

You can catch the Badr Hari vs Arnold Oborotov fight below:


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