ONE FC 21 Results: A Night of Finishes, Impressive Performances

ONE FC Roar of Tigers took place on Friday, October 17th in Kuala Lumpur.  The fight card was well-matched and destined to deliver exciting fights.  The 9-fight card kept the judges’s scorecards from being annoucned, as every fight ended before the start of the third round.  In the main-event of the evening, former M-1 Featherweight Champion and undefeated prospect, Marat Gafurov, stepped into the ONE FC for the first time against Phuket Top Team’s “Ruthless” Rob Lisita.

The main event featured what looked to be a battle of two of Asia’s top featherweights.  Rob Lisita and Marat Gafurov would engage early, Rob getting after him with a left jab and overhand right that seemed to move the Russian back.  A follow up right hand over the top missed the target.  Rob switches to southpaw and Marat looked to spot an opening.  Gafurov threw a right head kick as Rob looked to throw a right hook counter, the kick landed flush and put the Australian fighter down.  Marat immediately jumped into the turtle position and started to land punches to the side of Lisita’s head.  Marat jumped to get his hooks in after obtaining over/under control on Rob’s back.  Rob tried to spin out to his right, but one hook and an inside hook from Marat’s left leg held him in Gafurov’s control.  Rob defended Marat’s left arm well, but Gafurov pulled it lose and tried to lock it over the chin.  Rob was able to turn to his right side and attempt to spin to Marat’s guard, but Gafurov went on top as Rob went to his knees.  In transition, Marat locked in the body triangle.  Marat was looking for the choke, feinting punches.  When Rob looked to stand up, Marat’s left arm slipped under Rob’s neck and Gafurov went palm to palm for the finish.  Marat had to re-adjust the choke, but was able to illicit the tap as blood was pouring from Lisita’s nose.  Marat Gafurov improves his impressive record to 10-0 and will look to be in the title picture going forward.  Rob Lisita lost this fight, but with such a short outing, he will look to come back strong.


Malaysian fan favorite, “Mr. Handsome” Peter Davis, made his ONE FC return against Filipino grappler Vaughn Donayre.  The two men traded early, Donayre looking to be the aggressor.  Davis moving outside before Donayre lands a right hand lead.  A left kick was caught by Vaughn and Donayre returned a right kick to the body and follow up right hand.  Donayre lands a left hook, right hand that grazed Davis.  Davis shot in for a takedown and moved into mount.  Davis with two hard right elbows and Donarye spins out.  A thwarted guillotine attempt by Kelly, put Donayre in a position to escape and work for a Kimura from half guard.  Donayre used the lock to pass to side control, but gave up on the attempt.  Peter took advantage of this, regaining his guard.  Davis looked to control Donayre’s right arm and posture.  Donayre was able to stand briefly, but ate a hard right up-kick on his way back down.  Peter hit a sweep and landed right into mount.  Davis elbowed Donayre on the left side and followed up with right punches.  The final elbow blows halted the bout with just 10 seconds left in the first round.  Peter Davis now moves to 9-3 in his career and an impressive 6-1 in the ONE FC cage.  Peter Davis revealed in his post fight speech that he had a knee injury two weeks before the fight and had to stop training.  Davis believed his rest helped, “I knew I had some work to do” in reference to his opponent’s hunger to win.

Malaysian born Kiwi fighter, Ev Ting made his return to ONE FC against Filipino fighter, Edward Kelly.  The first round started with Ting using head movement and footwork to find his angles.  Ting shot in, Kelly defended well with an under hook on Ting’s left arm.  They fought for position before Ting hit a sweep to his left, dropping Kelly to the floor.  The fighters went back to the clinch and Ting went to a single.  Shimada broke the fighters up, calling for action.  Ting looking to land heavy shots, Kelly lands a short left hook, but Ting kept moving forward.  Kelly defends in the clinch and throws a left hook on the break.  A right hand land by Kelly and a Ting head kick was blocked.  The fighters start exchanging in the pocket, straight punches land for Ting.  Kelly shot in, but couldn’t get the takedown.  Kelly throws a knee to the body as the round comes to an end.

Round 2 starts with both men looking to strike.  A left elbow by ting followed by a sharp right low kick land.  A right hand lands hard for Ting before Ev jumped into a left knee to the body.  Two right hands, followed by a left hook land for Ev Ting.  A takedown from Ting was defended by Kelly.  The fighters return to the center after another break, Ting started with a right leg kick and left hook as the fighters clinched again.  Shimada now pushing the fighters for action.  Both men slowed briefly.  Ting switched stances and threw a hard left kick to the body of Kelly.  A right hand left hook combination just grazed Kelly, Ting really pushed the pace late in the round.  A counter left landed and Ting was looking to put an end to the fight.  A big right high kick hits the neck and head of Kelly, sending him crashing to the mat.  Ting hit a small window over the left shoulder of Kelly after Edward through his left hand.  Ting put his 8th win on his pro record and moved to 2-0 in ONE FC.  During the post-fight speech, Ting mentioned “I feel like a million bucks!”, adding that the gameplan was to take him down.  When asked if Ting was looking to throw the head kick, Ting responded, “I like head kicks”.


Malaysia’s first female MMA fighter, Ann Osman returned to face Eygptian kickboxer Aya Saeid Saber.  Saber was looking to keep this fight on the feet, Osman obliged her early on.  Aya countered well to start the round, Osman being the aggressor.  Ann moved forward and hit the takedown, immediately into side mount where she drove her knee into the side of Saber’s head.  Ann went to work from side control, posturing up and throwing right elbows.  A series of left elbows and hard left knees increased the damage from Osman.  Osman continued  to maintain tight control, using her left elbows to pass to mount.  She had a high mount, but controlled Saber and landed hard shot after hard shot.  Left elbows, followed by right hands, left hands and the finish to the fight as the referee determined the damage was done.  Ann Osman improved to 2-1 in her ONE FC career, winning her second straight fight.



Pakistani fighter Bashir Ahmad fought Chiang Mai Featherweight Champion, Taanaphong Khunhankaew.  Team Quest Thailand’s Taanaphong has over 100 Muay Thai fights on his record.  Bashir Ahmad trained with Phuket Top Team towards the end of his training camp.  This fight was all action, a theme throughout the night.  Bashir pressured early and landed a hard right hand early in the fight.  The Thai fighter looked to be stronger in the clinch, even with his back against the cage.  Bashir continued to push and Taanaphong dropped for a Kimura and went into full guard.  Tannaphong wasn’t getting the submission locked in and Bashir was able to withstand and defend.  Khunhankaew went for an omoplata on his left side, but Bashir stayed tight and passed.  Bashir caught the Thai fighter in a guillotine and uses it to move to mount.  Some ground and pound landes from the top and Taanaphong rolls to his stomach to avoid the punishment.  Bashir was able to flatten Taanaphong out, landing some punches once down.  Khunhankaew gets to his knees, but cannot get up as the Pakistani fighter grabs the over/under control.  Basuhir looks for the submission with his left arm initially, but uses it well to sneak his right arm under and eventually grab palm to palm for the tap.  Bashir Ahmad moves to 3-1 in his pro career, adding an articulate and emotional post-fight speech about his country’s people suffering.


3-Time Lumpinee Staidum champion Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke fought Malaysian flyweight Saiful “The Vampire” Merican.  Dejdamrong was looking to show all aspects of his MMA training at Evolve MMA.  With almost 500 fights between these two, the superior striking showed from Dejdamrong.  Merican took the fight down twice in the first round, but Dejdamrong was able to control the posture of the Vampire.  When the fight was stood up, Dejdamrong was very aggressive.  Dedjamrong landed a right to the body and then threw a flying knee.  Dejdamrong stayed aggressive and was able to fend off Saiful’s takedown attempts.  A high left knee and a later inside elbow looked to shake the Malaysian fighter.  Merican would get a takedown at the end of the round.  Round 2 started with more aggressive striking from Dejdamrong.  A hard right hand and right low kick landed for the Thai fighter.  He looked to move in with a combination into the clinch.  Merican attempted a leg lock, but Dejdamrong reversed and stepped over for mount.  Once on top, Dejdamrong went for the finish, landing hard punches that looked to briefly stun Saiful.  Dejdamrong looked to trap the right arm of Saiful and landed more unanswered punishment.  Dejdamrong, true to his pre-fight words that he would finish by submission, went for the right arm bar and eventually finished after a few adjustments.  Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke now moves to 3-0 in his MMA career and a great fighter to watch in future fights.

Singapore’s Stephen Langdown and Malaysia’s Raymond Tan were looking for their second win in ONE FC.  The height difference was apparent from the start of the fight as Tan took hold of the center of the ring.  A few left hands landed in combination as Tan rushed in.  A brief time on the cage and the fights returned to the center of the cage.  The fighters got after it immediately, Langdown landed a big overhand right that seemed to pause Tan for a fraction of a second.  Both men slugged it out, landing strikes and Tan shoots back in for a takedown.  Elbows to the side of Tan’s head, ala UFC Heavyweight Travis Browne, seemed to warrant a halt to the bout, but Yuji Shimada didn’t see enough.  Stephen Langdown obliged, getting on top and throwing knees to Tan’s head on the ground.  Langdown pushed Tan up against the cage and simultaneously threw his left leg in the direction of Tan’s unblocked face.  The left soccer kick landed flush, putting the Malaysian fighter out.  A second kick would just miss as Yuji Shimada mercifully stopped the bout.



Anatpong “Mak Mak” Bunrad made his ONE FC debut against Mark “The Bornean Tiger” Marcellinus, who lost his first ONE FC fight to Stephen Langdown.  This fight was a battle of two of the top training camps in Thailand, as Mak Mak trains at Phuket Top Team and Mark with Tiger Muay Thai.  Mark looked to be aggressive early in the fight, Bunrad was comfortable moving back before throwing a counter left cross that landed.  Mak Mak threw a kick to Mark’s midsection that dropped the Malaysian fighter.  Bunrad immediately stepped in with a soccer kick to the head, which halted the bout just 26 seconds into the first round.  Bunrad made a successful return to MMA after an 18 month lay-off, improving his record to 4-1.



Eypgtian boxer, Hisham Hiba opened the evening against Iranian fighter “Barbod” Mohammad Sotounzadeh.  These welterweights went after it from the opening bell,  Barbod showcased his taekwondo background with a heavy spinning wheel kick.  Hiba increased the aggressiveness until Barbod unleashed a flying elbow at the end of a 360 degree spin, landing on Hiba and getting inside for a takedown.  Barbod transitioned from the turtle position to grabbing a rear naked choke after Hiba tried to spin out.  Barbod held the choke, but Hiba never looked to be in danger.  Barbod transitioned to mount and landed a flurry of punches on top.  Hiba moved towards the cage and reversed Barbod to get on top.  Hiba baited a guillotine choke and three a knee to Barbod’s chest.  Barbod was no worse for the wear, as he grabbed a leg and lifted Hiba up and back down to the mat, slamming Hisham.  The 2nd round was short lived, Hiba was able to get a foot sweep takedown that looked to damage the leg of Barbod.  Hiba was relentlessly looking for the finish and the referee obliged after Barbod couldn’t continue.



ONE FC 21 Results

Marat Gafurov def Rob Lisita by Sub (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:08 of Round 1
Peter Davis def Vaughn Donayre by TKO (Punches) at 4:50 of Round 1
Ev Ting def Edward Kelly by KO (Right Head Kick) at 4:28 of Round 2
Ann Osman def Aya Saeid Saber by TKO (Punches) at 3:15 of Round 1
Bashir Ahmad def Tanaphong Khunhankaew by Sub (Rear Naked Choke) at 4:38 of Round 1
Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke def Saiful Merican by Sub (Armbar) at 2:12 of Round 2
Stephen Langdown def Raymond Tan by Knockout (Soccer Kick) at 2:58 of Round 1
Anatpong Bunrad def Mark Marcellinus by KO (Body kick and soccer kick) at 26 seconds of Round 1
Hisham Hiba def “Barbod” Mohammad Sotounzadeh by TKO (Strikes) at 1:01 of Round 2


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