DEEP 69th Impact: A Night of Champions


This Sunday, October 26th, DEEP returns with a deep fight card (pun intended), including the returns of Mizuto Hirota, Masakazu Imanari, Daisuke Nakamura, Takafumi Otsuka, DJ.taiki and many others.  This is one of the best cards DEEP has ever put on, unfortunately the event will not be streamed on Ustream as past DEEP cards have been.  Tickets are available for purchase here.

The main event of the evening will be a battle between current DEEP Light Heavyweight Champ Yoshiyuki Nakanishi (14-3) and former DEEP Middleweight Champion, Ryuta Sakurai (24-18-6).  Ryuta is making his return after a submission loss to one of the world’s top middleweights, Mamed Khalidov, in December of 2013.  Yoshiyuki is 11-1 under the DEEP banner, winning the Light Heavyweight title he won 4 years ago.  These two fighters fought at DEEP 52nd Impact in 2011.  Ryuta Sakurai finished the fight in the third round, submitting Nakanishi.  This rematch will be contested at middleweight.

The co-main event of the evening is between two former DEEP featherweight champions, Mizuto Hirota (15-7-1) and Masakazu Imanari (28-13-2).  Masakazu Imanari is most notable for his stellar leg lock game, submitting 12 opponents with leg lock variants.  Masakazu Imanari has one of the best grappling games of any fighter in Japan.  Imanari will look to get this fight down against the very complete Mizuto Hirota.  Mizuto Hirota had a stint in Strikeforce and the UFC, but was never able to put everything together.  However, Mizuto Hirota was able to defeat Satoru Kitaoka in Sengoku to steal the lightweight title.  Since returning to Japan, Mizuto Hirota beat Daisuke Nakamura by unanimous decision.  Masakazu will be making his way back to the featherweight division, dipping as low as flyweight this year.  Masakazu Imanari held both the featherweight and bantamweight titles.

Former DEEP Lightweight champion, Daisuke Nakamura (27-15) has a flashy submission offense, including 14 armbar finishes.  Nakamura returns to face former Shooto Pacific Rim champion, Shinji Sasaki (13-8-2).  Both men are looking to turn around two fight losing skids and put themselves in line for a title at lightweight.

The DEEP Bantamweight Title is on the line, when Takafumi Otsuka (17-12-1) looks to make his first title defense against Toshinori Tsunemura (7-3-4).  Otsuka is a two-division DEEP champion, capturing the Featherweight title in 2009 and the Bantamweight title twice, once in 2011 and in Otsuka’s most recent bout against Kenji Osawa.  Tsunemura will be the underdog heading into this bout, holding a record of 3-1-2 in his last six fights.

“DJ.taiki” Daiki Hata (16-9-7) returns for the rematch with Seiji Akao (18-8-3).  The two previously fought at DEEP 59th Impact, ending with a Daiki Hata knockout over Akao.  Seiji has since gone 3-2-1, defeating veterans Katsuya Toida and Daisuke Endo.  Daiki Hata returns for the first time since April of 2013, where he finished Yoshiro Maeda in the second round.  Daiki Hata is unbeaten in his last 8 fights, including finishes of Yusaku Nakamura, Yoshiki Harada and Seiji Akao.

“K-Taro” Keita Nakamura will fight Yuki Okano (8-6-1).  K-Taro is a former UFC veteran with 18 finishes (13 sub, 5 KO) .  A loss in PXC to Frank Camacho is his only blemish in his past 7 fights.  Nakamura is 11-3-0-1 since his UFC exodus, securing Sengoku and Shooto Pacific Rim titles.  Yuki Okano is coming off of a split decision loss to Yuya Shirai.

One of the best fighters in Women’s MMA history makers her return to the ring, as Satoko Shinashi (29-2-2) faces Ye Jin Jung.  Other Notable fights between Naoto Miyazaki (10-3-3) and Hiroki “AB” Aoki (15-8-1), Yo Saito (14-10-3) and Daisuke Endo (12-5-2), and Luiz Andrade (17-16-3) and Kimihiro Eto (6-0).


DEEP 69th Impact

  • Ryuta Sakurai vs Yoshiyuki Nakanishi
  • Mizuto Hirota vs Masakazu Imanari
  • Daisuke Nakamura vs Shinji Sasaki
  • Takafumi Otsuka vs Toshinori Tsunemura
  • Daiki Hata vs Seiji Akao
  • Keita Nakamura vs Yuki Okano
  • Hiroki Aoki vs Naoto Miyazaki
  • Daisuke Endo vs Yo Saito
  • Hiroto Uesako vs Kenjiro Takahashi
  • Kimihiro Eto vs Luiz Andrade
  • Harushige Shinokawa vs Hiroto Sakuma
  • Yoshihiko Shinzato vs Yusaku Fujisawa
  • Isamu Odagifi vs Kenta Nagatsuka
  • Yuki Takano vs Seung Goo Kim
  • Komei Okada vs Jin Soo Son
  • Satoko Shinashi vs Ye Jin Jung


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