PXC 45 Results: Back and Forth Main Event, Uyenoyama Dominant

This Friday, October 24th, PXC returned to Guam for a stacked fight card.  The vacant bantamweight title was up for grabs between Kyle Aguon (8-4) and Rolando Dy (5-3).  The two men went for the finish from the opening bell, Rolando dropped Aguon in the first, but Dy started round 2 with a cut over his eye.  A head kick from the southpaw stance wobbled Dy and Aguon knocked Dy down late in the 2nd, but couldn’t finish.  Dy came back strong in the 3rd and fourth rounds.  The fight was very close all the way through, ending in a split decision win for Kyle Aguon.  You can watch all of the action here.

In the first round of the fight between Aussie Alex Volkanovski (8-1) and Guam’s Kyle Reyes (5-3) was a back and forth grappling display.  Volkanovski got the early takedown, but Reyes was able to reverse.  Volkanovski reversed him almost immediately, but later fell into another Reyes’s reversal into north/south position.  Reyes moved right to mount, Volkanovski turned, but Kyle couldn’t finish the rear naked choke attempt.  Reyes stayed on top and shot his right leg in for a mounted triangle, but was never able to lock it in.  Volkanovski powered through, shrugging off a guillotine attempt, but Reyes moved to mount.  Volkanovski defended well and hit a takedown of his own at the end of the bell.  Volkanovski would control the rest of the fight, getting on top and landing punches and big knees to the body.  Reyes would attempt a kimura in the 2nd, but was no where near the finish, as Volkanovski stayed on top and dominated the rest of the fight. Volkanovski took the unanimous decision on the way to his 8th pro win.

UFC veteran Darren Uyenoyama (9-5) made his PXC debut against Guam’s heavily touted flyweight prospect, Shane Alvarez (10-2).  In an absolute dominant performance from the start of the fight, Darren took Alvarez down and immediately looked for the finish.  A Kimura attempt, followed by a pass to full mount by Darren.  Big right elbows landed for Darren, Alvarez was starting to turn over, but Darren kept throwing punches and elbows looking for the finish.  Alvarez was defending and ultimately was too tough to tap out to a Darren rear naked choke attempt.  Darren poured it on late in the round, looking to continue his relentless GnP from the top, forcing the referee to stop the fight.

Trevin Jones (6-3) was able to take a split decision win over Toby Misech (5-4), controlling the first and second rounds in the clinch against the cage.  There wasn’t much work from Misech, merely defending for the first two rounds, until the third round, where he most likely took the round.  The final frame wasn’t enough for Misech however, Jones controlling the first two rounds.  Guam’s first female MMA fighter, Brogan Walker, was able to use her size against the South Korean Jung.  Brogan controlled the first two rounds against the cage, landing the harder shots throughout.  The third round was a little closer, Jung able to land and stay off of the cage.  The late surge was to no avail, Brogan Walker winning her MMA debut.  Tyrone Jones couldn’t get anything going against the South Korean fighter, Hong Seung Chan.  Chan was able to get crucial takedowns and control in very round, controlling from top position for a large majority of the fight.


And the new PXC Bantamweight Champion, @kyleaguon135! 5th Rd via Decision

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 PXC 45 Results

  • Kyle Aguon def. Rolando Dy by Split Decision
  • Brogan Walker def. Yoojin Jung by Unanimous Decision
  • Alex Volkanovski def. Kyle Reyes by Unanimous Decision
  • Trevin Jones def. Toby Misech by Split Decision
  • Darren Uyenoyama def. Shane Alvarez by TKO – Round 1
  • Hong Seung Chan def. Tyrone Jones by Unanimous Decision
  • Scotty Eclavea def. Mike Sanchez by Unanimous Decision
  • Vince Masga def. McKlane Alfred by Unanimous Decision

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