Behind the Lens: Genghis Con Films Isaac Kensington

        It’s not often that one can break into MMA without being a fighter, a coach, a manager, promoter or official.  Even less common, A name rising to the upper echelon of their line of work.  Dana White, Lorenzo Fertita, Joe Silva are just a few of the names universally known for being one of the best at what they do outside of the cage.  The list of contributors to the sport outside of the cage continues to flourish as MMA develops in every region of the world.  One of the names entrenched in MMA’s most important aspect, promotion, continues to expand his career filming and editing his creative video projects.  Genghis Con, the namesake for his future company, is the name used by Filmmaker Isaac Kensington when he first introduced his work editing highlights in 2006.  “I don’t really give myself a title”, he said.  Midway through 2010 he would pick up his first camera and began filming just two months later.

Isaac (left) with Rob Lisita

“Doing highlights was fun, but I was using other people’s footage.”, Isaac mentioned that his ability to shoot his own footage made the process run smoothly, “I’ve noticed that my editing is a lot tighter and the sound is getting better.”.  Isaac would soon begin his first few projects, stating “I started working with Douglas Lima first, he was training at the gym I was working with”.  “The Prospect” lead to further ventures with American Top Team.  Isaac talked about when he began working with the team, “With ATT I first worked with Roan Carneiro” and continued, “when I started filming with Masvidal, I would go with him to ATT in Coconut Creek”.  Isaac would go on to talk about his project with Jorge Masvidal, “Miami Hustle was my favorite to film”, adding that “he had worked with jorge for years”.  A long way from Isaac’s beginnings where he proceeded with trial by fire.  Isaac would go on to talk about his most creative project, Fists of Fortune, a DVD Magazine.  Isaac told us he “was able to be more creative and do a lot of different with it with it.”.

Isaac (right) with “JZ” Cavalcante

Now currently living and working with Phuket Top Team in Phuket, Thailand.  When asked what life in Thailand was like, Isaac responded, “for me it has been amazing, the lifestyle and freedom you have in this country is awesome, nothing like American”.  When asked about that freedom he mentioned, Isaac told us “Freedom in the country as there is barely any police or law. You fuck up and get in trouble you just have to pay a fine. Everything is laid back, cheap and accessible. Not having any stresses like bills and money helps me keep my head clear and focus.”.  Isaac is currently working on the project, “Phuket Dreaming”.  The project has followed the journey of Phuket Top Team’s fighters as well as fighters traveling to the island destination for training.  Isaac was able to travel with Rob Lisita to Kuala Lumpur for ONE FC 21: Roar of Tigers.  Isaac had this to say about his experience, “One FC was a great experience, that was my first time attending an Asian MMA event. Hearing Lenne Hardt during the intros gave me goosebumps.”.  He continued, “Always wanted to attend a Pride event but this felt pretty close to it.”.  Isaac is still a big fan of the sport and we asked him to give his predictions on some of the big fights upcoming in the UFC.  He gave us his predictions “Melendez, Lawler, Weidman and Silva”.

As for future projects, Isaac has worked with the Lion Heart Initiative in the past and plans to in the future.  Isaac tells us what exactly the Lion Heart Initiative is, “Lion Heart Initiative is a non-profit endeavor to introduce MMA the African countries.”.  Isaac told us about his work with Lion Heart Initiative, “The last project we did was “Rollin in Dakar” Where BJJ was introduced in Senegal. The plan is to go back in the future but do it bigger with MMA names and bring in Striking and wrestling.”.  You can learn more about his current and future projects on his WordPress page and Youtube Channel.





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