M-ONE “Reborn” Full Results: Sagetdao, Superbon, Jomhod Victorious

Tonight in Las Vegas, Thai standouts Sagetdao Petpayathai, Jomhod Sagami/Eminentair, and Superbon Suppachai Meungsang took on the rest of the world in their return to American soil on M-ONE “Reborn.” The Thai’s looked in top form tonight, as each of the main attractions dominated their opponents en route to a 3-0 sweep.

In the main event of the evening, Jomhod Sagami dispatched Romie Adanza in the very first round, cutting the heavier American with a lightning-quick elbow. The doctors determined that Adanza was in no shape to continue and the match was called to a halt amidst the booing of expectant fans.
in Rd. 1
In what was undoubtedly the largest fight of the night, Sagetdao went to-to-toe with a very game Tetsuya Yamato. Yamato kept up good pressure through the early rounds and kept the match close, but during the 4th Sagetdao connected with a vicious elbow and the fight was stopped by the doctor shortly after.

Superbon Suppachai Meungsang dominated against former Thai Fight participant Craig Jose, using his middle kicks and clinch to keep the larger U.K. based fighter from imposing his will. While Superbon slowed down significantly in the later rounds, he still cruised to an decision victory.

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Jomhod Sagami def. Romie Adanza by TKO (Cut) in Rd. 1
Sagetdao Petpayatai def. Tetsuya Yamato by TKO (Cut) in Rd. 4
Superbon Suppachai Meungsang def. Craig Jose by Decision
Joey Pagliuso def. Karlos Aldama by KO in Rd. 1
Bryce Krause def. Douglas Edwards by unanimous decision
Thanongdeth def. Charlie Peters by KO in Rd. 1
Glen Spencer def. Sebastian Lopez by TKO (Knees to Body) in Rd. 3
Adam Rothweiler def. Jesse Magusen by KO (Head Kick) in Rd. 2
Eric Luna def. David Huerta by Decision


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